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Where Should We Go Next?

More than ever before, many organisations in the UK and around the world are recognising the importance of digital innovation, resilience and sustainability to the future of their place (or their business). We are a fairly small team but “generosity” is one of our Values and we try to say “yes” more often than “no” when people ask for help. We have helped city leaders, businesses and organisations across the UK, from Inverness to Kent and internationally, including - Canada, China, France, Holland, Poland,Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Taiwan and the US. All places (and not only cities) can benefit from Digital and Sustainable placemaking. If you’d like to explore how we can work together, get in touch.

Global Projects

  • Designing Digital Cities: on 27th Feb 2020 we brought together 200+ leading place makers, urbanists and architects and members of the public to consider how the Smart City might be reclaimed for the people. Join acclaimed French-Brazilian architect and urbanist Elizabeth de Portzamparc to explore her plan for a visionary high-rise tower in Taiwan, alongside Jeff Risom, (Partner, Chief Innovation Officer, Gehl) for a fascinating insight into his work in people-centred design. This event is Chaired by Stephen Hilton of City Global Futures. More details HERE
  • Smart City Leadership: Shaping Successful Smart Cities (Marsh and Hilton, University of Bristol) provides advice for new city leaders and Mayors on how to develop their Smart City strategies. Read more HERE
  • Tales of the Smart City: this is OUR BLOG, which covers a wide range of Smart City issues.