Turning on the Lights: A Report in to 5G and Smart Tourism

Turning on the Lights is a research report produced by Bristol Futures Global with support from Destination Bristol and the Digital Catapult. It to sends a positive signal to Government and the Telecoms Industry that the UK Tourism Sector is keen to collaborate and to generate new value through digital innovation.

The Tourism Sector is preparing for the step-change in capabilities that 5G promises. 5G technology is not yet widely available but our research identifies Disruptive Use Case ideas and Strategic Levers that could together enable a new approach to Smart Tourism and Smart Destination Management.

This report was produced in conjunction with 110 organizations from across the South West of England and beyond, working in a variety of different tourist industries and destinations. Our conclusions were drawn from surveys, one-to-one interviews, and workshops. Our questions were focused on 5G, but we also took the opportunity to record people's individual experiences with Smart Tourism, both positive and negative.

The research highlights that the 5G opportunity is bigger than any individual venue or attraction. There is significant potential to harness 5G to deliver far more precise location-based information patterns, even to underpin dashboards to allow real-time interventions to manage and disperse peak visitor demand. This type of capability is seen as particularly relevant to many cities, such as Bath, where there is a need to spread-out the visitor experience and encourage longer visits and to areas, such as Greenwich, where there is a need to better connect disparate parts of the offer to visitors