Bristol Futures is one of the things I remain most proud to have created whilst I was Leader of Bristol City Council. It became a great asset for the Council and for the City. Stephen's energy is infectious and he has the ability to think creatively about the future; to build action focussed partnerships that deliver innovative projects with real impact.

Baroness Janke of Clifton, House of Lords

It is essential that I understand where innovation is happening in cities around the world and Stephen Hilton and Bristol Futures have been at the forefront of thinking and practice on smart cities ever since I met them about five years ago. Stephen takes a different approach to many of his peers, he specifically focuses on how smart technology and smart mobility can bring benefits for citizens from all parts of the community. This often disrupts traditional business models but from mine and an Atkins’ perspective this is exactly where the long term value lies. Stephen's vision and leadership led to Atkins successfully bidding to Innovate UK for 2 showcase projects for driverless vehicles - Venturer and Flourish. I am excited by Bristol Futures Global and look forward to future collaboration on Intelligent Mobility. Together we will demonstrate that mobility as a service is commercially viable, socially inclusive and will have positive environmental impact for all cities globally.

Lee Woodcock, Global Director for Intelligent Transport, Atkins Global

When I became Mayor of Bristol it didn't take me long to learn what a huge asset Stephen Hilton and the Futures team were to the city on so many fronts. This new venture - Bristol Futures Global is very exciting and I am sure it will benefit many more cities as they seek to tackle complex urban challenges.

George Ferguson CBE PPRIBA, Mayor of Bristol 2012-16

Bristol Futures has been a valuable team for the Council and the City. As I start to work with city partners to build a new city office I am seeking to establish a collaborative leadership culture. In his new role, I am certain that Stephen Hilton will continue to contribute to this culture - acting as an ambassador for the city and the great work that goes on here.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

IBI Group's aim is to define the cities of tomorrow. Working with Stephen Hilton and Bristol Futures we feel we really get the opportunity to achieve this. As cities strive to become smarter and more resilient, Stephen's ambitious vision and strategic experience are invaluable. In Bristol, we have worked together to create and secure city approval for a radical proposal for smarter city management based on real-time data, the Internet of Things and close partnership working across organisational silos. IBI looks forward to collaborating with Bristol Futures Global to further develop this thinking and to see it being implementing widely by cities on the UK and around the world.

Mario Bozzo, (former) DirectorM IBIi Group

It has been a pleasure to work with Stephen Hilton’s team - I found his approach to city innovation to be bold and forward-thinking. By working with SMEs such as UrbanThings, Stephen has fostered the development of world-leading solutions that address complex emerging problem spaces.

Carl Partridge, CEO, UrbanThings

Stephen has developed a reputation as the 'go-to' guide for any organisation wanting to understand and navigate the sea of opportunities (and risks) offered by the digital economy in an increasingly connected and technologically driven world

Nathan Peacey, Head of Markets,  Foot Anstey LLP