Smart Tourism is the concept we invented to explore how Smart City thinking and technologies might be applied to Tourism and the Visitor Economy, creating new shared opportunities and benefits for visitors, tourist destinations, SMEs and network and service providers. 

Working through Wave 1 of the UK Government 5G Testbed and Trials programme, BFG is collaborating with the West of England Combined Authority and 21 industry and academic partners to build a compelling business case and demonstrator for 5G-enabled Smart Tourism. The consortium’s work includes, 

  • 5G small cell connectivity in a complex world heritage destination
  • Augmented and virtual reality content to enhance the on-site visitor experience and attract new audiences
  • New business models for delivering connectivity and services, for example, through a neutral hosting model 

We are planning a comprehensive programme showcase in March 2019, after which BFG will be seeking to enable 5G Smart Tourism services ln a wide range of UK venues and destinations. We are also seeking to identify further opportunities for R&D.. if you are interested in finding out more or would like to explore opportunities for future collaborative R&D on Smart Tourism, or Smart Cities more generally, please drop us a line.