Revewal Vision for Bath & North East Somerset


Setting the context:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of current economic structures and the need to support vulnerable people and communities - but climate change is a a risk to wellbeing at least as severe as the global pandemic.

The urgent need for economic renewal creates an opportunity for even more strident action to minimise climate  change. B&NES Council has set up an Economic Recovery and Renewal Board. This brings together senior leaders from the public and private sectors and academia.

The Economic Recovery and Renewal Board recognises that in the longer term, there is a significant opportunity to diversify the local economy and to build strong, resilient communities.

Developing the Renewal Vision:

City Global Futures is working with Board members, wider stakeholders and the Council’s Cabinet to facilitate the development a powerful, shared Renewal Vision. This will build on the firm commitment to achieving Zero Carbon by 2030, set out in the Council’s Corporate Strategy.

The Renewal Vision for B&NES will frame how organisations and people work together to create healthier, more prosperous and resilient communities. The challenge will be met by, rebalancing the economy and re-skilling the workforce; harnessing digital technology and innovation; more localised ways of living and working; allowing nature to thrive and new investment models to create greener infrastructure and to minimize social divides

4 Renewal Vision Stories:

Through one to one interviews and workshops with the Economic Renewable Board, wider stakeholders and the Council’s Cabinet, we have developed 4 Renewal Vision Stories. These provide a starting point for discussion about possible future trajectories for B&NES.

 LISTEN to the stories below (3-4 minutes each) or if you prefer, download a pdf version


Stakeholder Feedback:

These short videos set out the hopes and aspirations of the some of the citiy's key stakeholders for the B&NES Renewal Vision:

Tensions, Challenges, Choices:

The 4 Renewal Stories frame tensions and challenges that B&NES will need to address on its future trajectory, as well as some possible opportunities including,

  • The relationship between Tourism and Zero Carbon commitments; can the World Heritage City encourage or even enforce lighter and lower carbon tourist experiences?
  • Can data be used more smartly to create personalised itineraries and experiences for visitors, encouraging longer stays rather than day trippers?
  • Can jobs in Hospitality and Retail be future-proofed by introducing new, higher value digital and creative skills?
  • Can a new model be found to ease tensions around student housing?
  • How to accelerate innovation to meet complex local challenges, such as retrofitting heritage buildings? Can Planning policy do more to support this?
  • In the future, should we all adopt very local ways of living, minimising car journeys by maximising liveable neighbourhoods?
  • How might the region’s wealth be tapped into to help tackle disadvantage and support fairer and healthier futures for every local resident?
  • How can nature be supported and kept in balance with other demands on space and place?


We need your feedback and comments on the 4 Renewal Vision stories. Please click on the button to complete the Renewal Vision Survey.