Ambitious Together for a Fair, Green, Creative & Connected Bath with North East Somerset City Region

“…strong and resilient societies, economies and ecosystems evolve and thrive on diversity, inclusion and connectivity.”

Citizen consultee

Setting the context:

Bath is a prosperous and attractive city set in the stunning landscape of Notth East Somerset.  Known internationally for its UNESCO World Heritage status, the area also benefits from a growing reputation as a great place to live, work and study. 

COVID-19 has done nothing to harm the beauty of Bath and North East Somerset but it has exposed underlying stresses that lie behind the city’s Georgian facades.  In particular, the pandemic has highlighted the risk of an economy based on mass tourism, which is highly vulnerable to changing patterns, masks inequalities and appears at times to conflict with the Council’s ambition to achieve net Zero Carbon by 2030. 

2030 Renewal Vision: Ambitious Together

Developing the Vision:

In August 2020, Bath and North East Somerset Council commissioned City Global Futures  to work with the multi-agency Economic Recovery and Renewal Board (ERRB) to facilitate a 2030 Renewal Vision. During the following 3 months an open and wide ranging approach  engaged 100 stakeholders, 74 citizens, ERRB members and the Council’s Cabinet.

Renewal Vision Stories:

Renewal Vision Stories were developed through the research interviews, to paint pictures of possible near-term futures and to stimulate discussion. Listen to the stories by clicking the links below (2-3 minutes each) or download the PDF version.


Stakeholder Insights:

A series of talking-head videos explored the hopes and aspirations of the some of the citiy's key stakeholders. Watch the videos below.


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Bath with NES 2030, illustration by Emilie Hodgekinson. Copyright City Global Futures 2021