Our Vision

We are committed to Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive cities, regions and places that benefit local people and economies, nature and the planet. We believe that Digital connectivity, technology and data are vital but only if they help create liveable places where,

  • everyone can enjoy a good quality of life
  • there is a strong and Inclusive; local economy and
  • urgent actions are being taken to reduce carbon emissions, ensuring businesses and communities  operate within  the limits of the planet’s natural resources.

We have a creative outlook and value shared learning. We imagine that in the Smart and Sustainable City of the Future, people stay for longer than they originally intended because they are enjoying themselves so much!

    Our Values

    • Collaborative: building  public - private - people partnerships
    • Inclusive: actively seeking out diverse experiences and perspectives
    • Resilient: addressing the shocks and stresses that limit the capacity of cities and communities to thrive
    • Sustainable: minimising negative impact on the planet by promoting new behaviours and new norms
    • Creative: valuing ideas that make us think differently
    • Generous: we spend time listening, helping and sharing
    • Smart: balancing the benefits of technology and digital innovation with human and emotional intelligence 

    Read how we put these into practice in Bristol, in Bath and in other places.