Shaping Successful Smart Cities

Shaping Successful Smart Cities

Shaping Successful Smart Cities by Alex Marsh and Stephen Hilton, University of Bristol

Bristol will be well represented at next week’s MetroLab Conference in Atlanta.  I am only sorry that I can no longer be there in person.  

MetroLab brings together US City and University partnerships with a focus on urban innovation. University of Bristol and Bristol City Council are one of two UK participants invited to present to the MetroLab Board.

The UK Science and Innovation Network has supported this valuable relationship, building on the UK-US IoT for Cities workshop that we held in Austin, Texas earlier this year. My blog post HERE

It is genuinely interesting that as MetroLabs demonstrates, US and UK Smart Cities are  grappling with the same things. From traffic congestion and air quality; data privacy and governance to predictive analytics for child welfare - there are significant opportunities to share learning.

To support this spirit of sharing, I would like to offer MetroLab partners (and anyone else who is interested) a cheeky seasonal gift: 

Shaping Successful Smart Cities - a report by Alex Marsh and Stephen Hilton.

Last month, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smart Cities launched a report entitled Top Tips for City Mayors. The report collated tips provided by members of the group offering key insights to consider when approaching Smart City development. The APPG report identifies more than 50 tips from 17 member organisations.

Shaping Successful Smart Cities is our analysis of points made in the APPG report; highlighting issues that require greater attention and noting some areas of tension.

When Bristol colleagues return from Atlanta, it will be interesting to hear what Top Tips they have picked up from MetroLab partners.  One thing is sure - none knows all of the answers!