Smart Cities Consultancy

Let’s make friends with the future!

Bristol Futures Global (BFG) Ltd is a UK-based Smart Cities consultancy that is highly valued as a source of inspiration, help and advice by organisations seeking to develop Smart City strategies and digital infrastructures programmes.

BFG was founded in 2016 by Stephen Hilton, former Director of Futures at Bristol City Council. BFG’s experience stems from two decades of ground breaking work, which resulted in Bristol being ranked as the UK’s leading Smart City. The BFG team members founded Bristol is Open, the city’s Internet of Things Testbed and developed many UK and European Smart City projects, ranging from autonomous vehicles to smart energy grids; the smart city operations centre to open data programmes.  This breadth of Smart City knowledge, experience and learning is now available to cities, businesses and organisations in the UK and around the world via Bristol Futures Global and our network of Smart City experts.

We are driven by an ambition to develop Smart approaches that benefit citizens and society, businesses and the planet. From  infrastructure to applications,  policy to people, ideas to action; we want to shift thinking, deliver amazingly impactful projects and build trusted partnerships - so we can all make friends with the future!